Artist's Studio 'The Dance' 1974 by Roy Lichtenstein

The Artist's Studio series might also be seen as a personal tribute to Henri Matisse, particularly to his two 1911 paintings Red Studio and Pink Studio. Lichtenstein's Artist's Studio 'The Dance' 1974 directly quotes Matisse's masterpiece The Dance, 1909 and emulates its distorted perspective. Matisse himself conceived Still Life with Panel of 'The Dance' 1909, a painting-within-a-painting that undoubtedly precedes Lichtenstein's humorous game of self-quotation.

Throughout his life, Lichtenstein had several studios in New York - in West 26th Street, the Bowery and, from 1988 onwards, Washington Street in the West Village. He also lived and worked in Southampton, Long Island, where he bought a carriage house in 1969 and designed his own studio as a classic 'saltbox' building.

Image and Quotes from TATE